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Commercial Sanitation Services 

With the fear of Covid-19 running rampant, the sanitation response in your office building is more important now, than ever. We understand the importance of healthy workspaces, which is why we now offer commercial sanitation and decontamination services. Here when you need us 24/7.

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  • What causes water damage?
    From flooding caused by “Acts-Of-God” to a leaky pipe, water damage can be caused by a number of different ways, and, depending on the type of water damage, will have to be cleaned and sanitized accordingly.
  • When can I have my home or business back to "normal"?"
    Unfortunately, we are unable to predict exactly how long it will take to restore the damage caused to a specific property. We take the time to explain the entire process from start to finish, and our technicians work around the clock to ensure the issue has been fully remediated.
  • How do I prevent mold?
    Mold typically begins to form within 24-48 hours of a water damage occurrence and isn’t always visible. There are many common indicators that you may have mold including crumbling walls, musty odors, or discoloration. Areas that are consistently damp or are known to have excessive humidity are especially prone to mold growth. Removing the water source and moisture from any given area can help prevent mold from growing. Read more about how to prevent moisture in your home in our blog article.
  • I found mold in my business, now what?"
    If you’ve found mold in your business it's crucial to contact a remediation company to eliminate the mold and restore the area. The longer an area goes without being treated, the more it continues to spread, putting you and your employees in harm’s way. After remediating the mold that has already formed, we take several preventative steps to stop the continuation of mold spreading and check back frequently to ensure the area is mold and moisture free.
  • Why should I choose Clean Team for my water restoration needs?
    Choosing a restoration company can be challenging to say the least. You will not have the time to research before an emergency. You want to select a company that you trust will eliminate the water right away. Our state of the art equipment along with our IICRC certified technicians allow us to provide you with exceptional 24 HR restoration services backed by our satisfaction guarantee. For more guidance on how to choose a restoration company that works for you, check out this blog article.
  • Can I clean up mold on my own?
    There are over 100,000 different types of mold in the world, some of which are very dangerous to your health. Individuals who are prone to asthma and allergies may have more side effects associated with mold exposure that could lead to upper respiratory issues. The effects of mold vary widely from person to person, which is why it's vital to contact a trained remediation professional, instead of trying to do it yourself. Learn more about mold and the effects on your health by reading our blog article.
  • Do you work with my insurance company?
    We pride ourselves on our ability to work with a wide variety of different insurance companies to make the billing process smooth and transparent. Insurance companies often have a list of preferred contractors that they like to work with, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to work with that particular company. You ultimately have the power over which company you use.



Our commercial pandemic sanitation phases are broken down into three phases and customizable to fit your facility's needs.

Phase 1



Phase 1 or preventative cleaning is requested when a facility would like to sanitize touch points and common areas to err on the side of caution.


Using an EPA approved sanitizer, all local touch points will be sanitized thoroughly by leaving the chemical to dwell on the surface for the recommended kill time in order for the  virus to become inactivated.

Phase 2

Possible Infection


Phase 2 sanitation is to be done when an employee or guest to the facility has shown signs of possible Covid-19 infection and the employer would like to take the proper precautions.


Using EPA approved chemical and wipes all local touch points are sanitized thoroughly allowing the chemical to dwell on the surface for the recommended kill time.

Phase 3

Decontamination of

Positive Covid-19 Test

Phase 3 decontaminations are done when someone in your facility test positive for Covid-19.


This process starts with our trained team sectioning off the building in order to remove the chance of cross-contamination. The facility owner or manager determines the areas that should be shut down and the people who should be removed for the decontamin-ation process.

Sanitation Phases

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